Stray Dogg - Almost - No. 999

Label : D.I.Y.
ID : No. 999
Year : 2011
Artist : Stray Dogg
Album : Almost
Tracks : 09/09
T/L : 24:27 min/sec
URL1 : http://straydogg.bandcamp.com/

01. Drunk
02. Crimson Moon
03. Smile
04. Almost
05. Dart
06. Break
07. Goddess
08. She Said
09. Eye


After couple of solo performances as a singer songwriter, Dukat Stray a.k.a. Stray Dogg decided to form a band in the winter of 2011 with Ana (violin), and Jelena (piano), girls who are Music Academy (Belgrade) graduates.
The band performed as a backup to Chinawoman and Scout Niblett after only couple of months practice, with a 4 song Demo only availible. The band needed another guitar player, and that’s when Marko from the Belgrade electropop band Inje, joined Stray Dogg band to play solo guitar.